Who is the Head of a Tehsil?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Head of a Tehsil is called Tehsildar. A tehsildar is a revenue officer along with revenue inspectors. He/she has a significant influence on rural administration. In respect of land disputes, the office of the Tehsildar is also considered. The Tehsildar looks after the Taluka office. It can be compared with offices at the district level.

Head of a Tehsil

The Tehsildar is the head of a Tehsil. He performs certain key duties listed below.

  1. Getting money from land sales
  2. Providing caste certificates to the students
  3. Monitoring Patwari’s job
  4. Ensuring the security of land records

Who is Tehsildar?

The chief or principal elected representative of each tehsil or taluka is referred to as a tehsildar. In some states, different terminologies such as talukdar, mamledar, amaldar, and Mandal officer are used.

In a number of Indian states, tehsildars are magistrates. Each taluka shall have a taluka office, tehsil office, or tehsildar office at the taluka headquarters, which shall be a fixed place within the taluka region. An executive magistrate of the concerned tehsil is referred to as a tehsildar. Naib tehsildar refers to a tehsildar’s immediate subordinate. This is comparable to a second deputy commissioner.


Who is the Head of a Tehsil?

The term tehsildar refers to the Head of a Tehsil. A tehsildar is a revenue officer who is accompanied by revenue inspectors. It is taken into account his impact on rural administration. In disputes involving land, the Tehsildar’s office is another consideration.

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