A Set of Rules that Governs Data Communication is Called

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

A set of rules that governs data communication is called a protocol. The three essential elements of communication are the sender, the receiver, and the method by which the message is sent from the sender to the receiver. There are several elements to consider while choosing communication. To communicate and correctly interpret the exact sentence during contact, the sender and the recipient must follow specific laws and regulations.

Set of Rules that Governs Data Communication

A set of guidelines known as a communication protocol enables two or more participants in a communications system to exchange information using any variation in a physical quantity. The communication process begins with the formulation of ideas by the sender, who then uses various channels to get the message to the recipient, who subsequently sends him a message in response.

The communication process comprises seven significant elements:

  • Sender: The sender imagines the thought or the exchange he wishes to have with the recipient.
  • Encoding: At this point, the sender begins the encoding process, turning the thought into a message using words or non-verbal cues.
  • Message: The sender receives the message he intended to deliver after it has been encoded.
  • Communication Channel: The sender then chooses the medium or channel they want to communicate with the recipient. To understand a message effectively and correctly, the recipient must choose the channel.
  • Receiver: The receiver hears the message and makes every effort to understand it.
  • Decoding: The receiver translates the information from the sender and attempts to understand it appropriately in this step.
  • Feedback: The final step in the communication process ensures the recipient has received and comprehended the message correctly, as intended by the sender.

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