What Is Meant By Southern Oscillation? State An Important Feature of it

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

The Southern Oscillation means a shift in wind and sea surface temperature between the tropical eastern Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. It is commonly referred to as the phenomenon of shifting air pressure. The El-Nino is an important feature of Southern Oscillation, which is why it is also known as ENSO or El-Nino Southern Oscillation.

Southern Oscillation

The shifting temperature, sea surface temperatures, and air pressure between the Pacific and Indian oceans are referred to as the Southern Oscillation. There is a warming and a cooling phase during the southern oscillation, which affects the temperature of tropical and subtropical regions around the world.

La Nina is the cooling phase, and El Nino is the warming phase. This is a periodic occurrence that occurs at irregular intervals.

Features of Southern Oscillation

  • An important feature of Southern Oscillation is its association with El Nino
  • During El Nino instead of cool currents, warm temperatures are blown over the Peruvian coast.
  • Southern Oscillation Index is used to measure the strength of southern oscillation and observe the climatic changes.

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