The Term Yavanapriya Mentioned in Ancient Sanskrit Texts Denoted ______

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The term Yavanapriya mentioned in Ancient Sanskrit texts denoted the passion of the yavanas which means pepper. Pepper, also known as yavanapriya, was among the spices exported from India to the Roman Empire. It was possibly due to its popularity among Romans. Apart from spices, the Romans imported precious and semiprecious stones such as diamond, carnelian, turquoise, agate, sapphire, and so on.

Yavanapriya in Ancient Sanskrit Texts Denotes

Yavanapriya was the name of Pepper. It was one of the spices brought to the Romans. Pepper, also known as Yavanapriya, was a popular spice among Romans. Spices were the Romans’ primary need, along with perfumes, jewels, ivory, and fine textiles such as muslin. South India dominated the spice trade with the Roman Empire.

Black Pepper spice is one of the most important parts of the Indian kitchen. It is imported by Greek traders from Ancient India. During ancient times the people in Central Asia are known as “Yavanas” in India.

  • These people used to like the pepper and import it in large amounts every time.
  • At that time, India was well known for spices.
  • That’s why they used to buy from India.
  • Due to this, the pepper is named Yavana-the people of foreign countries, and “Priya” which means a liking; so altogether, pepper was known as Yavanapriya.

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