What is Jamdani?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Jamdani is the fine muslin fabric that is commonly found in South Rupshi of Bangladesh’s Narayanganj district, close to the Shitalakhwa River. Imperial warrants of the Mughal emperors supported the historic jamdani production. It is traditionally created by artisans using a handloom.

The Mughal empire was governed by the production of Jamdani. Sarees from Jamdani are well-known all over the world. Jamdani requires a lot of labor, which drives up the cost.

Jamdani – Fine Muslin Fabric

The art of making fine “Parsi Gara” on the loom is known as jamdani, which is a discontinuous weft weaving technique. In Jamdani, motifs are manually incorporated into the fabric by weaving a denser thread into the fine warp threads.

  • The first jamdani sarees were made in Dhaka from only cotton. The resultant cotton fabric was more luxurious, light, and soft the finer the weave.
  • The jamdani is still made today, but it is also sometimes made of pure silk or a cotton-silk blend.
  • Despite being primarily used for saris, jamdani is also employed for scarves and handkerchiefs.
  • Jamdani is thought to be a fusion of the muslin made by Bengali Muslims starting in the 14th century and the possibly 2,000-year-old Bengali cloth-making techniques.
  • Given that it takes the longest and most diligent labor, jamdani is the priciest item produced by Dhaka looms.
  • According to legend, jamdani patterns, which predate written history by thousands of years, are primarily composed of geometric, botanical, and floral designs.
  • Only aristocrats and royal families could afford these luxuries because of the exquisite painstaking methodology needed.


What is Jamdani?

A fine muslin fabric called Jamdani is produced in South Rupshi, in the Narayanganj district of Bangladesh, not far from the Shitalakhwa River. The historic jamdani production was backed by Mughal emperors’ imperial warrants. Handloom is traditionally used by artisans to make it. Jamdani is still considered the most costly item that is produced by the Dhaka handlooms.

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