What is History and How many Types of History are there?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

History is the study of past events which are particularly related to human affairs. There are six types of history which are political, diplomatic, cultural, intellectual, social, and economic history. History, as we all know, is the study of events that happened in the past which are particularly related to human affairs. It makes us aware of the politics, economy, society, traditions, and customs followed in the past.

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Types of History

History has been classified into 6 different categories that are political, social, diplomatic, intellectual, cultural, and economic history. Each of these categories touches on different aspects of history in its own way. The details about the history and its types are as follows:

  • Political History: It talks about the politics and policies of the government adopted in the past. It deals with the past analysis of political activities, leaders, activities related to government, and other prevailing views and beliefs.
  • Diplomatic History: It was more concerned with the study of international relations between nations/states. Whereas, cultural history was influenced by the culture and traditions of the past.
  • Social History: These were observations related to living experiences in the past.
  • Economic History: It talks about the different economies and the economic policies that existed in the past.
  • Intellectual History: It was the study of the intellectual, cultural, and social contexts in history. Economic history talks about the various economic policies in the past.
  • Cultural History: It was influenced by the culture and traditions of the past.

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