How to Conserve Forest?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The forests can be conserved by afforestation, keeping a check on forest clearance for agricultural and habitation purposes, curbing forest fires, planned cutting of the trees, passing acts by the government, appropriate utilization of forest products, etc. Forest conservation is the practice of planting and maintaining forested areas for the benefit and sustainability of future generations.

Forest plays an important role in purifying the air we breathe, filtering the water we drink, and preventing soil erosion. In India, the forests are managed by the government through the Forest Department.

Conservation of Forests

In India, most of its forest and wildlife resources are either owned by the government or managed by the government through the Forest Department or other government departments. Forests are essential for survival because trees take in carbon dioxide and clean the air of carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, and sulfur dioxide, thereby preventing air pollution.

The forests in India are distributed in the following categories: Reserved Forests, Protected Forests, and Unclassed Forests.

  • Reserved Forests: The most restricted area of the forests which are constituted and controlled by the government are called reserved forests.
  • Protected Forests: The forest areas that are protected by the Forest Department from any further depletion are referred to as protected areas.
  • Unclassed Forests: The forest areas and wastelands that belong to both private and government individuals and communities are known as unclassed forests.

Ways to Conserve Forests

The forest can be conserved in the following ways:

  • Implementing afforestation programs.
  • Prevention of forest fires for commercial purposes. However, natural forest fires help replenish nutrients in the soil from dead and decaying matter.
  • Reversal of deforestation by proper utilization of forest resources.
  • Protection of forest resources from pests and diseases for the balance of our ecosystem.
  • More trees should be planted to increase the forest cover. This is because trees reduce the effect of erosive forces, like wind and rain, using their root systems and foliage, thereby preventing soil erosion by losing topsoil.

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