How is a Globe Useful to us? Write the Limitations of the Globe

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Globe is useful to us because it depicts the distribution of water and land on the earth’s surface. It aids in the exploration of the world’s oceans and nations. The earth is represented by a three-dimensional spherical structure. It depicts the spread of water and the land on the earth’s surface, as well as the correct size, location, and shape of the oceans and continents.

Limitations of Globe

A globe is a three-dimensional spherical structure with a world map depicting the water bodies and land masses. The globe also depicts a network of longitudinal and latitudinal lines. If it depicts a model of the Earth, it is known as a Terrestrial globe, if it depicts the celestial sphere, it is known as a Celestial globe. Though it aids in understanding the earth, it has some limitations.

The Limitations of Globe are as follows:

  • It is hard to carry.
  • It doesn’t show the exact location between the two points.
  • Its size is tiny compared to earth.
  • It cannot be made for or as a part of the earth.

Uses of Globe

According to various geoscientists, the Globe is the most important resource that anyone can use to learn more about the Earth. It is primarily used to comprehend the distribution of land and water, international borders, shape, and size of a specific location.

You must have seen a globe as a student in your school, college, or office. It is a significant tool that is used to educate people about the geographical elements of the world.

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