In which Season Trees Shed their Leaves in India?

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

Trees shed their leaves during the autumn season in India. Because of the decrease in the daytime and nighttime temperatures, the leaves of trees begin to change color at this time. The length of the day decreases and the length of the night increases as the season progresses until the Winter Solstice in December. One of the four temperate seasons is the autumn season.

Season in which Trees Shed their Leaves

In India, trees shed their leaves during the autumn season. Because there is no dry season, the trees in Tropical Evergreen Forests do not shed their leaves. That is why it is known as an evergreen forest. It is also referred to as the tropical rainforest. Rosewood, ebony, mahogany, and other hardwoods can be found in Tropical Evergreen Forests.

Tropical deciduous forests shed their leaves during the dry season to conserve water. They are monsoon forests, which can be found throughout India, Central America, and Northern Australia. Temperate Deciduous Forest trees, such as oak, ash, and beech, shed their leaves during the dry season. These are more common at higher latitudes.

Seasons in India

In India, there are 5 seasons. According to the Hindu calendar, the name of these seasons is as follows:

  • Spring known as Vasant Ritu
  • Summer known as Grishma Ritu
  • Monsoon Known as Varsha Ritu
  • Autumn Known as Hemant Ritu
  • Winter Known as Shishir or Sharad or Shita Ritu

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