What is a Floor Test? How is Voting Done?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The floor test is a technique for putting the majority of the ruling government in the assembly to the test. The governor of a state may, under Article 163 of the Constitution, request that the chief minister show his majority in the assembly when it is not in session. However, while the assembly is in session, the Speaker of the Assembly may request a floor test.

The voting process is an impartial and fair method of selecting political leaders for the upcoming term which is followed in all democracies around the world.

Floor Test

A floor test is used to determine whether the executive has the support of the legislature. It is a constitutional mechanism that allows a Chief Minister to be asked to prove a majority on the floor of the Legislative Assembly. However, the governor can only exercise these powers with the approval of the council of ministers.

A floor test is mainly done whenever a new government is going to replace the older one. This is a way of taking a precautionary test to check whether the new leader/s will garner support from the majority of people in the legislature.

Voting Process

The voting process is followed in many parts of the world to ensure fair elections for political leaders. It is a significant procedure followed in most of the democracies around the world. It can be said that it forms the backbone of the political system.

Voting is done in three modes namely Ballot vote, Voice vote, and Divison vote. The ballot vote is similar to the voting process during state or parliamentary elections.

  • The process of voting using slips, electronic gadgets, or a ballot box is called division voting.
  • In a voice vote, the legislators are required to answer orally.
  • The main requirement in the voting process first is the presence of eligible candidates who can vote which is determined by their age and past record.
  • The government is elected in a democracy ‘by the people’ through the voting process.


What is a Floor Test? How is Voting Done?

A floor test is a motion introduced in the assembly to determine whether the ruling government has the confidence of the legislature. According to Article 174 of the Constitution, the governor has the authority to prorogue, summon, and dissolve the legislature.

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