What do you mean by Office Memorandum?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

An office memorandum means is a special order issued by the government that is used for the purpose of the smooth running of administrations. It is used regularly, on a day-to-day basis, by the higher authorities. It is also known as an office memo and is used to facilitate internal communication within organizations.

Meaning of Office Memorandum

An office memorandum is a special order that is a way of communicating to the people working for the government. It facilitates seamless communication within organizations. Office memoranda are issued by the authorities to inform the stakeholders about various things. For example, important meetings to ensure smooth functioning within an administrative framework, new government policies, implementation of new rules, etc. are all mentioned in the office memorandum.

  • An office memorandum is similar to a notice which is released by a specific authority concerned with an organization.
  • It is a notice or a circular stating the policy of the government or any new decision taken in the interest of an organization or firm.
  • The office memorandum is concerned with the daily administration.

The office memorandum contains the date of issue, the name of the person issuing the memorandum, and their contact details. It is a document that is used on a daily basis and is recognized as an order issued by the government. All office memorandums are issued after due amendment under the authority of Govt.

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