What do all Agile Frameworks have in Common?

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

All agile frameworks have the following features in common: consistent delivery, straightforward strategy, lightweight strategy, incremental and iterative development, etc. Agile is a general concept for software development that emphasizes the importance of quick, frequent iterations to satisfy customers. Consequently, a software development methodology based on the agile mindset outlined in the Agile Manifesto can be described as an agile framework.

Common in All Agile Frameworks

Agile frameworks all use iterative and incremental development and have a predetermined, defined iteration time and a lightweight approach that enables self-organized teams to better respond to business needs. It is a term for the methods used in software development.

An agile framework provides guidelines for putting agile ideals and principles into practice, enabling those who follow the manifesto’s principles to begin acting and creating value. All agile frameworks believe in pursuing a lightweight approach that leads to a better response mechanism. There are several commonalities between agile frameworks. These are:

  • They emphasize delivery in a consistent, fixed-length iteration.
  • They provide a straightforward, lightweight strategy that enables the team to develop its procedures.
  • They are founded on incremental and iterative development.

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