Who was the Last king of the Varman Dynasty?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Bhaskaravarman was the last king of the Varman dynasty. He was famous among the medieval Kamrupas. The Varman dynasty was the first historical dynasty of the Kamrup kingdom. It was founded by Pushyavarman, a contemporary of Samudragupta. As the Gupta power waned, Mahendravarman sacrificed two horses, and Kamarupa’s status as an independent kingdom remained intact.

Last king of the Varman Dynasty

The Varman dynasty existed in south-eastern Bengal in the late 11th and 12th century AD first half. The Varmans’ history is described on three copper plates and an inscription by Bhuvanesvara Bhatta Bhavadeva.

The Yadava dynasty reigned Simhapura between Narasannapeta and Chicacole, and the Varman monarchs claim descent from them. The Singapore Kingdom in Kalinga existed between the early fifth and late 12th centuries AD. Varmans most likely arrived in Bengal as part of Kalachuri Karna’s invasion of VANGA.

  • From Orissa, Karna entered south-eastern Bengal.
  • It can be seen that the Varmans, followed by Karna, stayed in Bengal and eventually carved out an independent kingdom for themselves.
  • Bhojavarman, son of Samalavarman, was the last known king of the dynasty.


Who was the last king of the Varman Dynasty?

Bhaskaravarman was the Varman dynasty’s last king. He was well-known among the medieval Kamarupa kings. The Varman monarchs were Vaishnavas, but they also promoted Buddhism. The Belava plate was issued in the fifth year of his reign by Jayaskandhavara stationed at Vikrampura.

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