What do you Understand By Break in Monsoon?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Break in the Monsoon refers to the dry spell when there is no rain during the Monsoon season. In India, the rainy months of July and August are known as the monsoon season. In various regions of India, during the season, it rains heavily. However, there are dry spells and wet spells during the monsoon, so there are days when it doesn’t rain. A monsoon break is another name for this dry period.

Break in Monsoon

Overindulgent solar insolation causes a zone of low pressure to develop over northwest India. This low heat gradually moves eastward with the arrival of the monsoon until it creates an elongated low-pressure zone that runs west to east parallel to the Himalayan mountains.

  • The Himalayan foothills are roughly parallel to its axis. This monsoon trough periodically shifts north and south of its usual location.
  • The pattern of rainfall over India changes noticeably when it moves north and passes by the foothills of the Himalayas.
  • While the rains abruptly stop over the northern Indian plains, they intensify just as quickly over the northeast Indian foothills.
  • This is referred to as a monsoon “break.”
  • Since the majority of India’s major river systems originate in the Himalayan region, it creates a paradoxical situation when people in the plains lament the lack of rain while those living in the northeastern parts of the country are troubled by floods.


What Do You Understand By Break in Monsoon?

The dry period that occurs in between the wet periods is typically considered a break in monsoon or monsoon break. The monsoon season typically consists of wet and dry spells, which means there are days when it doesn’t rain and other days when it pours heavily. Moreover, the monsoon is a critical part of the Indian climate that impacts the nation in multiple ways.

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