What are the Main Features of Directive Principles?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Main Features of Directive Principles are to promote, uphold, and maintain world peace and security and maintain good and respectful relations between nations. The Central and State Governments must implement these regulations because they also support the observance of treaty obligations, international law, and the arbitration of international disputes.

Main Features of Directive Principles

The national and State governments of India use these as directive principle guidelines. These ideas must be considered by governments when creating laws and programs.

The following are the main traits of the Directive Principles of State Policies.

  • Certain provisions of the Indian Constitution are not enforceable in a court of law.
  • But the principles are taken very seriously by the country’s authorities.
  • The federal and State governments must apply these principles while passing legislation if they want to build an equitable society across the country.
  • The Irish Constitution’s guiding principles and Gandhian philosophy were both influenced by the Directive Principles.
  • The main objective of these concepts is to create social and economic structures that enable all citizens to live happy lives.
  • These principles can be used by citizens as a benchmark to assess how effectively their governments accomplish their goals.
  • This statement’s guiding principles must serve as the foundation for all executive agencies.
  • Even the judicial system must take them into consideration when making decisions.


What are the Main Features of Directive Principles?

The Main Features of Directive Principles Promoting, upholding, and maintaining international peace and security as well as upholding positive and respectful relations between nations. Hence, they are held to a high standard and help citizens assess the effectiveness of the government.

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