What are Mineral based Industries?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Mineral based Industries are those industries that use metals and mineral ores as raw materials. The steel and iron industries are one of the best examples of such industries, including the heavy-machinery industry. Mineral ores are the major resource for the functioning of a mineral-based industry.

Mineral based Industries

Mineral-based industries are those industries that work on minerals or mineral ores as raw materials. The products of these industries are required and used by other industries as raw materials to make other useful products.

Examples of Mineral based Industries are the steel and iron industry and the heavy-machinery industry.

The products of these Mineral-based industries are used by other industries, such as iron and steel products. Iron made in mineral-based industries is used by other industries to make other iron products like heavy machinery, construction materials, etc.

  • As per the 2018 rankings, India ranked second among the world’s (crude) steel makers, while it secured the first position in the list of largest wipe iron manufacturers.
  • India is the tenth-largest producer of crude steel worldwide & largest producer of sponge iron.

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