How can we Conserve Mineral Resources?

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

The mineral resources can be conserved by reducing wastage, metal recycling, renewable alternatives, planned use of mineral resources, etc. Conservation of mineral resources has become one of the trending topics in the world right now. This is because we are increasingly using up mineral resources that require millions of years to form. However, there are several ways in which the conservation of minerals may be possible.

Conservation of Minerals Resources

Minerals come under the category of non-renewable resources. The formation and concentration of minerals take place over thousands of years. The rate of formation is much lower than the rate at which humans consume minerals.

It is necessary to reduce wastage in the process of mining. Another way to conserve mineral resources is by recycling metals. Conservation of minerals can be done by the following methods:

  • Reducing wastage in the mining process
  • Metal recycling using scrap metals
  • Use of renewable alternatives
  • The sustainable and planned use of mineral resources
  • Use of advanced technology to allow utilization of low-rate ores at minimum cost
  • Mineral resources can also be conserved through recycling.
  • Training miners can also help in the conservation of minerals.

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