What are Genetically Modified Crops? Give Examples

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Genetically Modified Crops are plants that have been modified using genetic engineering to alter their DNA sequences to provide beneficial traits. A specific DNA stretch is inserted into a plant’s genome as part of genetic modification to give it new or different traits. Changing the plant’s growth or resistance to a specific disease may fall under this category. The new DNA will be incorporated into the genome of GM plants, which will be found in the seeds that these plants produce.

Genetically Modified Crops

Three crops have been granted permission for genetic modification: Mustard, Brinjal, and Potato. Extensive field trials and the production of seeds await them. Brinjal is the first to get approval from GEAC. The only other genetically modified crop allowed in the country is Bt Cotton. Genetic Engineering Approval Committee is referred to as GEAC. Bt Brinjal, a GM food crop created by the seed company Mahyco, is prepared for extensive field testing and seed production.

  • Environmentalists, farmers, and consumer advocacy groups across the country are fiercely opposed to the permit because they believe genetically modified crops will pose health risks.
  • Four BT Brinjal hybrids, designated as mhb 4Bt, mhb 9Bt, mhb 80 Bt, and mhb 99Bt, are licenced by Mahyco.
  • The hybrids successfully passed biosafety tests.
  • The coalition has provided scientific support and evidence indicating potential health risks linked to Bt brinjal in anti-GM groups.
  • A powerful immunizing agent that actively binds to mammalian intestinal cells is the Cry 1 ac Bt toxin, which is used in Bt brinjal.
  • Concerns exist that the promoter could reactivate dormant viruses and cause health problems like cancer.


What are Genetically Modified Crops? Give Examples

Genetically modified crops, or GM crops, are plants whose DNA has been altered for agricultural use using genetic engineering techniques. Some examples of genetically modified crops include BT Brinjal, GM Mustard, and Potato

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