What are Developed Resources? Give Examples

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Developed Resources are the environmental resources that are ready for human use. Only resources with a certain quality and quantity can come under this category of resources. While other resources may still be in the development stage, these resources are different. They can be considered as a product to satisfy our needs and requirements. Examples of Developed Resources are Coal, Petroleum, Forests, Lakes, etc.

Developed Resources Definition

All the natural resources mentioned above take years to form and once fully formed, they can be used for various purposes. The developed resources are used for multifaceted purposes. Since these resources may take years to develop eventually, we must ensure that we are not overusing or exploiting these resources. If we continue to exploit them, they may be completely eliminated.

  • Developed resources are being used at the present time.
  • Its quantity and quality have been surveyed and the utilization has been determined.
  • They are well-developed and ready-to-use resources.

Examples of Developed Resources

Some of the most common examples of developed resources include petroleum, coal, fruits, rivers, lakes, forests, etc. These are the resources that have been ‘developed’ to an extent that they are ready for the use of human beings.

For example, forests provide us with wood which is a major resource used for various purposes. They also provide us with fruits and shelter and many other useful things. Petroleum and coal are also other resourceful discoveries of humans.

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