The Sun Rises Two Hours Earlier in Arunachal Pradesh As Compared to Gujarat in the West but the Watches Show the Same Time. How Does This Happen?

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

The sun rises two hours earlier in Arunachal Pradesh compared to Gujarat in the West, but the watches show the same time because the Longitudinal distance between them is 30 degrees. There are 24 time zones on Earth, each lasting one hour. As a result, each zone covers 15 degrees of longitude, with a difference of 4 minutes in each longitude.

Sun Rises Two Hours Earlier in Arunachal Pradesh as Compared to Gujarat

Arunachal Pradesh and Gujarat are about 30 degrees apart, so there is a time gap of two hours between them. Since Arunachal Pradesh is located in the east, the sun rises earlier than in Gujarat. However, due to the Indian Standard Meridian, the clock displays the same time.

The Earth’s globe is divided into two by 360 meridians. The meridians from 1 to 180 are called the eastern meridian, while the range 181-360 is called the western meridian. The standard meridian in India is 82.30 degrees east. Since Meridian 82.30 passes through Mirzapur, Indian Standard Time (IST) is based on local time on this meridian for the entire country.

  • The local time of Gujarat and Arunachal Pradesh is different.
  • There is a time difference of two hours between these two states.
  • As a result, to avoid chaos and confusion, it is important to adopt some central meridian as the country’s standard time.
  • Hence Arunachal Pradesh and Gujarat show the same time on their clocks.

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