Which is the Largest Peninsula in the World?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Largest Peninsula in the World is the Arabian Peninsula, at 1,250,006 square miles. The Arabian Peninsula is connected to the mainland Asian continent and surrounded on all sides by the Persian Gulf, the Arabian Sea, and the Red Sea. The Arabian Peninsula, composed of 9 different countries, plays a big part in oil and gas extraction and refining.

Largest Peninsula in the World

The Arabian Peninsula is about 3.2 million square kilometers (1.2 million square miles) in size, making it the largest peninsula in the world. The northern side of the area flows into the Arabian Desert and serves as the unofficial border of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

  • The peninsula has various landscapes, including a central plateau, vast deserts, the Hejaz mountain range, and marshy coastal lands.
  • The Arabian Peninsula is home to the world’s largest oil reserves and is a major oil-producing region.
  • The harsh climate makes it unsuitable for agriculture. However, goat, sheep, and camel herding are common.
  • The peninsula was created as a result of rifting of the red sea about 50 million years ago.
  • Some other large peninsulas in the world include the Indian Peninsula and the Malay Peninsula.


Which is the Largest Peninsula in the World?

The Arabian Peninsula is the Largest Peninsula in the World at 1,250,006 square miles. The Arabian Peninsula contains a vast variety of landscapes ranging from deserts and mountain ranges (namely the Hejaz mountain range) to marshy coastal lands. It was created after the rifting of the Red Sea almost 56 to 23 million years ago. Moreover, the climate of the region is unsuitable for agriculture.

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