In Thermal Power Plants, the Function of Economizer is to?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The main Function of Economizers is to reduce energy consumption or to perform useful functions such as preheating a fluid. In addition, economizers are also used to generate heat when flue gases are burned before they are discharged from the chimney. The economizer is also used for other purposes as well like power plants, heating, boiler, refrigeration, ventilating, and air conditioning.

Function of the Economizer

A feedwater heater is another name for an economizer. It is a device that warms the feed water using the waste heat from the flue gases. There is a 15% to 20% reduction in coal use. Because it takes less time to turn water into steam, it boosts a boiler’s ability to raise steam. It also stops scale from forming in boiler water tubes.

In an economizer, feed water is warmed using flue gases to increase efficiency. Since only sensible heat transfer occurs, feed water is heated rather than turning into steam. As a result, the economizer is installed in the supplying water circuit after the superheater.

Following are the functions of the economizer.

  • Limit the use of fuel
  • Preheating a fluid (feed-water in case of steam boiler)
  • Improves the power plant’s efficiency


In Thermal Power Plants, the Function of Economizer is to?

The Function of an Economizer is to increase the energy efficiency of a system by absorbing the enthalpy of a fluid flow that is hot but not hot enough for use in a boiler. This recovers more useful enthalpy and improves the steam boiler’s efficiency. Some more functions of an economizer are the limit the consumption of fuel and preheating a fluid. Hence, it can save coal by 15 to 20%, which is good for the environment.

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