Crop Period is Defined as

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The crop period is defined as the base period of a crop. It refers to the entire growing period from the time of the first distribution of irrigation water to prepare the soil for planting the crop until the last irrigation before harvest. Relationship between duty and delta. D=duty in hectares/cumec. Δ= total depth of water supplied in terms of meters.

Definition of Crop Period

The cropping period is the interval of time between the instant of planting and the moment of harvest. The base period is the span of time between a crop’s initial watering at the time of sowing and its last watering just before harvest. The entire amount of water needed by the crop for complete growth may be represented in hectare meters. Or, it can be seen as the height to which the water would rise above the surface of the irrigated land if all the water provided were to be applied without percolation as well as evaporation. This total depth of water is called delta (∆).

Duty is another important factor in the crop period. Duty may be described as the number of hectares of land consistently supplied with 1 m3/s of water during the whole base of a crop to provide irrigation for its complete growth.

Various factors on which duty depends are as follows:

  • Climate and season
  • Type of crop
  • Type of soil
  • Useful rainfall
  • The efficiency of the cultivation method


Crop Period is defined as

The period between sowing and harvesting is called the Crop Period. In other words, the interval from the first watering at the sowing of the crop to the last watering before harvesting is called the base period or the base of the crop. The crop requires this period to grow completely and in a healthy manner. Moreover, the amount of water that is needed for the crop for its complete growth is represented in hectare meters.

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