Which State is the Largest Producer of Petroleum in India?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The largest producer of petroleum in India is Rajasthan, followed by Assam and Gujarat. Rajasthan produces about 23.29% of the crude oil production in India. Apart from this, some more major petroleum-producing states of India are Assam, Gujarat, Mumbai and Godavari, and Krishna river basins.

Leading Petroleum Producing State of India

First, let’s understand what petroleum is and why it is significant. Petroleum or crude oil is a liquid found beneath the earth’s surface and refined into fuel. Hence, it is also referred to as fossil fuel and is used to power vehicles, machines, heating units, etc.

Many states in India produce petroleum, but Rajasthan is the largest producer of petroleum in India.

Facts About Petroleum Producing State

Here are a few important facts about Petroleum:

  • Like coal and natural gas, petroleum is also formed from the remains of ancient aquatic organisms, such as algae, plants, and bacteria.
  • Petroleum or crude oil is different from normal oil and is extracted from the earth.
  • Also called rock oil, it is a mixture of hydrocarbons, i.e. hydrogen and carbon atoms, located near the surface of oil sands.
  • Petroleum reservoirs are found on land or under sea level. Their crude oil is extracted on a large scale by drilling machines.

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