Is Siachen the Longest Glacier in India?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Yes, Siachen is the longest glacier in India. Originating from the Nubra River, which dampens the Nubra Valley close to Leh in the Trans Himalayas, it is 78 kilometers long. It is also the second-longest glacier in the non-polar regions of the planet, in addition to being the largest glacier in India. Ladakh is in charge of running the entire Siachen glacier (Union territory of India).

Longest Glacier in India

The Siachen Glacier is located in the heavily glaciated region of the Karakoram, frequently referred to as the Third Pole, immediately south of the large drainage divide that divides the Eurasian Plate from the Indian subcontinent. The main Karakoram range to the east and the Saltoro Ridge directly to the west are separated by the glacier.

Siachen is the longest Glacier in India and is located in the Karakoram range of the Himalayas. The river that arises from the Siachen Glacier is the Nubra River. Siachen Glacier lies between the Saltoro peak in the west and the main Karakoram range in the east. The glacier is also the world’s highest battlefield point.

  • Siachen is important for India as it controls the link-up of the Pakistani army with the Chinese and protects Ladakh.
  • India invests around 5 to 7 crore rupees daily in safeguarding the glacier.
  • Siachen is the reason for the war between India and Pakistan.
  • It remains the center of the dispute between India and the rival country.

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