Which Blood Group is Universal Acceptor?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

AB blood group is the universal acceptor. A person with the AB blood group can accept the blood from persons with AB as well as the other groups of blood. They are called ‘universal recipients. The four main blood types (groups) are A, B, AB, and O. The genes you inherited from your parents determine your blood type. There are a total of 8 blood groups, each of which can be either RhD positive or RhD negative.

Universal Acceptor Blood Group

As discussed, the universal acceptor blood group is AB. Though the blood of human beings appears to be similar it differs in certain aspects. Two popular blood groupings that are used worldwide are ABO and Rh.

ABO Blood Grouping

The absence or presence of two surface antigens, A and B, on the RBC, determines the ABO blood group. The four blood groups – A, B, AB, and O – are distributed according to the antigens and antibodies. Check the compatibility of the donor and blood group in the table below.

Blood Groups and Donor Compatibility
Blood Group Antibodies on Plasma Antigens on RBCs Donor’s group
A anti-B A A, O
B anti-A B B, O
O anti-A, B nil O

Rh Blood Grouping

Another antigen is also observed on the surface of the RBCs of the majority of people which is the Rh antigen. It is similar to the one present in Rhesus monkeys. The individuals in whom this Rh antigen is present are called Rh positive (Rh+ve) whereas those in whom it is absent are called Rh negative (Rh-ve).


Which Blood Group is Universal Acceptor?

The blood group which is Universal Acceptor is the AB blood group. A person with blood type AB can accept blood from people with AB as well as people with other blood types. The term “universal recipients” refers to them. A, B, AB, and O are the four main blood types (groups).

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