How do Jet Streams affect the Indian Climate?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The jetstream affects the Indian climate by increasing the night-time temperature signals average, which is an impending approach to cyclones disturbances. A slender band of westerly winds blowing at a high altitude (over 12,000 m) is known as a jetstream. The effects they have on the Indian climate have been discussed further.

What are Jet Streams and How do they Affect the Climate of India?

During the winter, the western cyclonic disturbances, which originate over the Mediterranean Sea, are brought by the westerly jetstream and invade the Indian subcontinent from the west and northwest. The typical approach of these cyclone disturbances is often indicated by a rise in the average evening temperature.

  • During the summer, an easterly jet stream known as the sub-tropical easterly jet stream blows through peninsular India, generally over 14°N.
  • The easterly flow gives rise to tropical cyclones, which form during the monsoon season and in the months of October and November.
  • These disruptions have an impact on the nation’s coastal regions.
  • The subtropical westerly Jet Streamis connected to the northeast monsoon, often known as the winter monsoon.
  • High pressure is produced on the surface when a cold breeze pushes downwind to it.
  • Then the dry winds from this high-pressure area in the northwestern part of India start blowing towards the low-pressure area or the Bay of Bengal.
  • These winds are also responsible for the cold waves flowing in winter in the northern part of the country, including UP and Bihar.


How do Jet Streams affect the Indian Climate?

The Jet Stream affects the Indian climate by increasing the average night-time temperature signals, an impending approach to cyclone disturbances. Jet streams are air currents that move quickly and narrowly through the atmospheres of various planets, including Earth.

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