What are the Political Causes of French Revolution?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Political Causes of the French Revolution are faulty administration, the autocracy of the king, the power of the court, the excessive spending of the royals, bankruptcy, the burden of taxes, etc. A period of political and social change in France resulted in the overthrow of the monarchy and the establishment of a republic known as the French Revolution.

Political Causes of the French Revolution

France became the center of an autocratic monarchy in the eighteenth century. The French kings declared themselves “representatives of God” as they had unlimited power. This approach was exponent to Louis XIV.

The expensiveness, luxury, and amenities at the royal court of Versailles engaged the French monarchs. They had unlimited power. By the Letter de Catchet, they arrested and imprisoned any person at any time. They did not pay attention to their subjects.

Impact of the French Revolution on the French Society

The impact of the French Revolution on French Society is given below:

  • Introduction of political sovereignty at the state and individual level.
  • Monarchy was abolished and establishment of Republic.
  • The influence of the Church decreased in personal lives.
  • Slavery, Serfdom, and Feudalism were abolished.
  • The idea of separation of the public and private realms emerged.

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