Who Proposed Natural System of Plant’s Classification?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Bentham and Hooker proposed the Natural System of Plant Classification. Between 1862 and 1883, three volumes of their work were published in Genera Plantarum. A classification in which all natural characteristics of plants, both vegetative and reproductive, are considered is called the Natural System of Plant Classification. This classification provides the plants with their specific taxon in relation to their affinities to others. The natural classification of plants helped in the study of evolution.

Proposal of Natural System of Plant Classification

Identification, naming, and grouping of organisms are all aspects of classification. The natural system of classification considers the similarities and differences among various organisms. In three volumes of Genera Plantarum, Bentham, and Hooker proposed the natural system of classification for seed plants. To categorize organisms, morphological, anatomical, cytological, developmental, reproductive, cytochemical, biochemical, and experimental taxonomic characteristics are considered.

The aim of biological classification is to group the enormous variety of plants and animals into groups that can be quickly identified, retained, and researched. The Natural System of Plant’s classification is based on the assumptions of de Candolle’s classification.

Features of the Natural System of Plant Classification

The following are the features of the natural system of plant classification:

  • It includes the names and descriptions of all genera of a seed plant.
  • The plant kingdom incorporates 97205 species of seed plants under 202 orders, which orders are treated now as families.
  • It divides dicotyledons into 3 divisions and 14 series, further divided into cohorts and orders.
  • In the classification, dicotyledons are placed first, followed by gymnosperms and monocotyledons.


Who Proposed Natural System of Plant Classification?

The Natural System of Plant Classification is proposed by Bentham and Hooker. They provided a classification of plants based on their natural characteristics, such as seed plants. All of this was covered in the book Genera Plantarum. They gained knowledge of several plant leaves, including simple, compound, alternate, stipulate, petiole, and wavy edges.

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