Explain the Importance of pH Testing in Everyday Life

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The importance of pH testing in everyday life is immense. The pH test is a method of measuring the acid or base level of any substance. It helps us to find out how acidic or basic a substance is and based on the findings, we can determine the usefulness of the substance.

pH Testing in Everyday Life

By testing pH in daily life, we can determine:

  • pH changes occur in substances necessary for human, plant, or animal survival.
  • This is important to know because plants and animals survive only narrow pH changes.
  • Soil pH testing is important because changes in pH value make it infertile.
  • Testing the pH value of rainwater to check for the occurrence of acid rain (which occurs at pH < 5.6).
  • When humans have acidity problems, it indicates a low pH value in our stomach. Tooth decay indicates a low pH value in the mouth.

Importance of pH Testing

As discussed above, the importance of pH testing can help us avoid and solve many problems. A pH scale is used to measure the value of a substance. Here’s what the value of a substance determines on the pH scale determines:

  • pH value 1 – 6 (Acid)
  • pH value 7 – Neutral
  • pH value 8 – 14 (Alkaline)

pH is the negative logarithm of hydronium ion concentration. It is expressed as pH = -log[H3O+]. On the pH scale, the pH value is measured between 0 (very acidic) and 14 (very alkaline). The pH of neutral water at room temperature is 7. A solution with a pH value lower than 7 is acidic while a solution with a pH value higher than 7 is alkaline in nature. An increase in the pH value from 7 to 14 represents an increase in the OH ion concentration in the solution.

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