What is Evaluative Listening Called?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Evaluative Listening is also known as Critical Listening. Some other names for the same include Judgmental Listening, Appreciative listening, and Interpretive Listening. Listening to announcements, lectures, etc., comes under the category of evaluative listening. In this type of listening, we carefully consider what the speaker is saying and evaluate whether the information provided is correct or incorrect.

Evaluative Listening Definition

Listening is an activity where we pay attention to what we are hearing. There can be different types of ways in which a person listens to something. There are cognitive and behavioral aspects involved in the process of listening. Evaluative listening is also often known as comprehensive listening.

In this type of listening, judgment on what other people are saying is made. The things said against values are also judged as worthy or unworthy, good or bad. It allows us to think through the facts and provide objective feedback. It is used in a situation such as listening to speeches, announcements, lectures, advertisements, etc.

  • In evaluative listening, more attention is given to the speaker’s tone and word choices.
  • It helps us judge what we are hearing using our cognition.
  • Especially when the content of the speech is designed to persuade us, evaluative listening helps us determine what are the pros and cons of a certain argument.


What is Evaluative Listening Called?

Critical Listening is another name for Evaluative listening. Some other names for this type of listening are interpretive listening and judgmental listening. In this type of listening, the listener makes a judgment about the speaker and tries to interpret the message. Evaluative listening asks us to employ our judgment when it comes to believing in what the speaker is saying.

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