Describe the Legacy of the French Revolution for the People of the World During the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The legacy of the French Revolution for the people during the 19th and 20th centuries was the concept of liberty and democratic rights. The concept of freedom from slavery was modified by the colonized people. During the nineteenth century, these ideas began to spread from France to the rest of Europe. The system of feudalism was abolished.

Legacy of the French Revolution on the World

The French Revolution gave way to some of the most critical democratic rights. Even in India, leaders like Tipu Sultan and Raja Ram Mohan Roy reacted to the ideas inspired by the French Revolution. Powers were divided and given to several institutions, including the judiciary, the executive branch, and the legislature, to prevent the consolidation of power in the hands of a single individual.

Significant Changes brought by French Revolution

Here are some other significant changes brought about by the French Revolution.

  • After the revolution, people got their right to vote and understood the importance of electing their legislators and government officials.
  • The right to property, which is the result of this revolution, is another important privilege.
  • The right to freedom of expression was protected.
  • Equal rights under the law
  • The natural rights of citizens should be upheld by the state.
  • Life was protected as a right.
  • Every citizen has the right to participate in the drafting of laws, either directly or through his representatives.
  • As censorship was lifted, printed images, books, pamphlets, and newspapers began to grow rapidly.
  • Freedom of the press allowed opposing viewpoints about current events to be circulated.
  • Print became a popular medium for people to express their views and influence others.
  • The concepts of justice and liberty were introduced to the people through joyous processions, songs, and plays.
  • Introduction of a uniform system of weights and measures.
  • The system of feudalism was abolished.
  • The monarchy was overthrown.

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