Describe the Language Policy of India

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Language Policy of India – No single language has been designated as a National Language. India is a multilingual and multicultural country. Due to that, the dialect and language change every few kilometers. Although approximately 40% of the population speaks Hindi, the founding fathers of the constitution decided not to declare any language as a National Language in order to protect the interests of the remaining 60%.

Language Policy of India

Hindi and English are the official languages of India, according to Article 343(1) of the Indian Constitution. By 2022, a total of 22 languages will be recognized as official. We have explained the key points of India’s language policy below. India has a diverse cultural heritage. Many languages are spoken here. According to India’s Language Policy:

  • According to the Indian Constitution, no language has the status of the national language.
  • Around 22 different languages, including Hindi, are mentioned as official languages.
  • The use of the English language in the workplace was prohibited in 1965.
  • Nonetheless, following several violent protests, the Government of India issued an order mandating the use of Hindi and English as official languages.
  • The purpose of using Hindi and English is specified in the Official Languages Act of 1963, the Official Language Rules of 1976, and Ministry of Home Affairs directives.
  • Since most countries do not know how to speak Hindi, the Indian constitution has adopted certain steps as a precautionary measure to protect the non-Hindi-speaking regions.

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