Abolition of Untouchability Article 17 was Mentioned Under which Part of the Indian Constitution?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Abolition of Untouchability Article 17 was mentioned under Part III of the Indian Constitution. Part III comprises Articles 12 to 35 of the Indian Constitution that deal with fundamental rights. These rights are the Right to equality, the Right to freedom, the Right against exploitation, the Right to freedom of religion, Cultural and educational rights, and the Right to constitutional remedies.

One of the major goals of introducing Article 17 was to erase the discrimination based on caste which is very much prevalent in India to date.

Abolition of Untouchability- Article 17 (Part 3)

The provision for the abolition of untouchability and its practice in any form is forbidden is mentioned in Article 17 (Part 3). The enforcement of any disability arising out of Untouchability shall be an offense punishable in accordance with the law. The following acts are considered offenses:

  • Defaming a person belonging to the lower caste category.
  • Preaching untouchability.
  • Avoiding entry of any person into a Dharamshala, temples, shops, malls, hospitals, or any other public places.
  • Denying someone the use of rivers, roads, cremation grounds, etc.
  • Justifying untouchability.

Untouchability Act

The Untouchability Act was introduced on 8th May 1955 in the Lok Sabha and was passed in both houses. It was revised in 1976 and was renamed the Protection of the Civil Rights Act.

According to the Untouchability Act, the punishment for anyone who is found carrying out an act of untouchability includes imprisonment for 6 months or a fine of Rs 500 on an alternate basis. If someone repeats the offense, he/she will directly be sent to jail including the above-mentioned fine.

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