How to Study History for UPPSC Prelims? Know Important Topics to Score Good Marks in Exam!

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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

UPPSC Prelims History Important Tips: History is an important part of the UPPSC Syllabus and each year a considerable number of questions are asked in UPPSC Prelims and Main Exam. In UPPSC History contains ancient Indian history, medieval Indian history, modern Indian history, and world history, it becomes important for aspirants to have the know-how to study history in a timely and more effective manner.

This article provides a complete strategy with important topics to focus on while preparing history for UPPSC Prelims

First, let us look at the number of questions asked every year from history in UPPSC PSC Prelims.

S. No.

Year Number of Question Asked
1 2021 20
2 2020 25
3 2019 23
4 2018 22
5 2017 22
6 2016 20

Important sources of History 

S. No. Topic Book Name Author Name Publication House

Ancient History


  • Class 9th NCERT- India and the Contemporary World – I
  • Class 10th NCERT – India and the Contemporary World – II
  • Class 11th NCERT – Themes in World History
2 India’s Ancient History R. S. Sharma Oxford University Press
3 Medieval History
  • Class 12th NCERT – Themes in Indian History – I, II and III
4 A History of Medieval India  Satish Chandra Orient Black Swan 
5 Modern History  History of Modern India Bipin Chandra Orient Black Swan


History of the Modern World Jain & Mathur Jain Prakashan Mandir

Important Areas to be focussed in History

Ancient History: Gupta Period, Early Vedic Period, Maurya Period, Buddism & Jainism, Mahajanapadas, Haryanka Dynasty, Shishunaga Dynasty, Nanda Dynasty, Foreign Invasions in India (Sunga), Pre History.

Medieval History: States in North India, Turkish Invasion, Vijaynagar, and Bahmani Kingdoms, Delhi Sultanate Part I, Mughal Empire Part I (Babur, Humayun), Mughal Empire Part II (Akbar), Mughal Empire Part III (Jahangir, Shahjahan), Mughal Empire Part IV (Aurangzeb and Later Mughals), Bhakti & Sufi Movement.

Modern History: Indian National Movement (1919-1947) (khilafat), Swaraj Party, Red Shirt Movement, Jaliawala Massacre, Cabinet Mission, Governor-General and Viceroy (Dalhousie, Munro), Political Organization After INC, Revolutionary organization, Tribal and Peasants movements, Marathas (Shivaji), Administrative, Early Europeans, Mysore (Carnatic War), British Policies, Revolt of 1857, Socio-Religious reforms movement, Indian National Movement (1885-1905) (Deoband Movement), Indian National Movement (1905-1918), Development of Education During the British, Unification of India, Reorganisation of States.

History of UP: Ancient History of UP, Medieval History of UP, Famous Personalities from UP

Art & Culture: Architecture in Mauryan Age (Rock Cut Architecture, Cave Architecture), Architecture and Administration in Mughal, Temple Architecture and Important Temples, Trade, Architecture except for Mughal & Delhi. 

Here are some of the important tips that will help you to prepare history for UPPSC Prelims.

  • Read the UPPCS 2022 History syllabus many times so that you can know precisely what must be learned from your study material. 
  • Make flashcards that contain dates of events, battles, movements, or different empire periods. And revise those on a daily & weekly basis.
  • Make a summary of events in your own words this will help you to revise the topic in exam time.
  • Use Mnemonics To Memorize Facts. Is an important aspect of answering the history question paper is to answer incorrect chronology.  Mnemonics will help you to recall data in the correct order.
  • history contains a lot of facts and figures and it is evident that you will get confused with the facts and figures once in a while. So it is better to connect all the details that you learn in a particular chapter or unit to a map or timeline.
  • Go through at least the last 5 years of the previous year’s papers that will help you to familiarize the type of question asked in the exam.
  • Practice! Practice! Practice! Mocks are one of the best ways to check your history knowledge.

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