How to choose Optional Subject for UPPSC Mains? know the Main and Optional Subjects for UPPSC Mains.

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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

In general studies, all the candidates are able to earn the same number, hence also the optional subject is the most important component of the selection in the examination. Now the question is what should be kept in mind while choosing the optional subject.

UPPSC PSC offers 34 Optional subjects for the mains exam. Candidates can choose their optional subject according to their own choice. An optional subject plays a very important if you choose a correct optional subject then it can help you to score more. Most students commit the mistake of choosing optional subjects for the UPPSC PCS exam on the basis of toppers’ scores in that subject, or because of other factors like popularity, availability of study groups, etc. While choosing an optional subject, you should be very careful on such parameters as it may cost you an attempt!

In this article, we are providing you with the tips that are very helpful, when you are choosing optional subjects in the UPPSC PCS Mains exam.

UPPSC PCS Mains Exam Pattern 

S. No.






3 hrs

150 marks



3 hrs

150 marks


General Studies Paper-1

3 hrs

200 marks


General Studies Paper-2

3 hrs

200 marks


General Studies Paper-3

3 hrs

200 marks


General Studies Paper-4

3 hrs

200 marks


Optional Paper-1

3 hrs

200 marks


Optional Paper-2

3 hrs 200 marks
Total Marks 1500 Marks

List of UPPSC PCS Optional Subjects

Agriculture & Veterinary Science Arabic Lit. Zoology
Chemistry Hindi Lit. Statistics
Urdu Lit Persian Lit Physics 
Management Sanskrit Lit. Mathematics 
Political Science and International Relations  Geology Commerce and Accountancy 
Geography Psychology Economics 
History Civil Engineering  Public Administration 
Social Work Medical Science  Sociology
Agricultural Engineering  Philosophy Anthropology
Mechanical Engineering  Botany Electrical Engineering
Law English Lit. Animal Husbandry

Here are some of the important tips that will help you choose the optional subject in the UPPSC Mains exam.

1. Educational background:

Educational background plays the most important role in alternative selection. There are many advantages to choosing an optional question related to your educational background. As such, there is already information about thinkers related to that subject. One knows about even the smallest topics related to the subject and knowledge of good resources is also available for their information.

2. Interest:

The next best way to choose the right alternative is to choose the optional subject based on your interest. Regardless of the background of mathematics or general science, we find that many people have an inclination toward subjects like psychology, literature, history, political science, public administration, etc. You can study at a fast pace by choosing the subjects of your interest.

3. Highest scoring:

Most of the candidates are unaware of the role of ‘scaling’ in the allocation of marks in the main examination. However, we often hear that candidates of a particular elective subject can score only in double digits despite performing well in the exam. Some people associate it with the high standard of the question paper in a particular year. Candidates are advised to choose the options with which many candidates have passed the exam in recent years.

4. Guidance Availability:

If your interest in an optional subject is high enough that you can take it for the main examination and which has also performed well in recent years, then you will still need to know about the availability of guidance related to that topic before taking a final decision. Should be found out in Before choosing the optional subject, it should also be known about the availability of its study material and guidance and good coaching from the selected candidates.

5. Time Management:

After Clearing the Prelims examination, you have only 2- 3 months of the preparation of the mains examination apart from the ability you have to decide how much of time would you able to spend on studying an optional subject so choose such type of optional subject which require less time to complete the optional subject and in the last moment you easily revise your subject easily.

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