Most Expected GS/GK Topics for UPPSC PCS 2023 Exam

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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

Most Expected General Studies/GK Topics for UPPSC PCS 2023 Exam: Candidates who are appearing for the UPPSC PCS exam 2022 should be aware of the important and trending topics from which the questions are frequently asked in the exam. The UPPSC PCS Prelims exam is going to be held on 14 May, thus, to help you out in the qualifying exam, we have provided to you the most important GK GS topics that every aspirant should go through. These General Studies topics have a high chance of being asked in the UPPSC PCS 2023 exam.

Most Asked GS/GK Topics in UPPSC PCS Prelims 2023 Exam

While the UPPSC PCS Prelims 2023 are highly unpredictable with varying weightage given to subjects across the years, there are a few important topics that see questions being asked repeatedly. These are areas that a serious aspirant must never avoid studying.

In this section, we give you a set of topics that are of utmost importance in the UPPSC prelims. Go through these topics and make sure you cover them if you wish to clear the prelims and take a step closer towards fulfilling your UPPSC dreams.

Wildlife Sanctuaries/National Parks

  • It is important to learn about the important biosphere reserves in India, tiger reserves, national parks, biodiversity hotspots, etc.
  • Questions are also asked about the IUCN status of the major species of fauna found in some of the major national parks in the country.
  • List of National Parks in India
  • IUCN Red List

Environment Conventions

  • climate change is a topic that is in the news quite regularly. Hence, it is only natural that the UPPSC should ask questions from this section.
  • Environment conventions and protocols are extremely important for this exam as they help you not only to answer prelims questions.

for example


Important Acts of Parliament

  • An aspirant’s polity preparation is not complete without a thorough read-up of the important acts passed by the Parliament.
  • This includes both historical acts (for example, the Government of India Act, 1935) and current ones that make up headlines.
  • Constitutional amendments are also important.

foe example


Important Judicial Rulings

  • Another very important aspect of polity is the various judicial rulings and judgments of the Supreme Court of India.
  • Judgments like Keshavanda Bharathi, Minerva Mills, Shah Bano Begum case, SR Bommai, Indra Sawhney and Union of India, etc. significantly affected the Indian political sphere. Hence, these are very relevant for the exam.

UP Specific Topic

  • Many UP Specific questions are asked in the UPPSC Prelims 2022 exam such as the history of UP, Important schemes for UP, etc.

for example


Buddhism and Jainism

  • Buddhism and Jainism seem like favorite topics of the UPPSC as almost every year, a question might be asked about them.

Indus Valley Civilization

The Indus Valley Civilization is quite an important topic as we see almost every year in the UPPSC prelims.In many ways, your history preparation starts with this topic and it should be done comprehensively.

Indian scientific achievements

  • Science and tech is another area that confuses aspirants.
  • It is such as vast area that aspirants do not know where to start.
  • To keep things simple, especially if you are pressed for time during the UPPSC preparation, good advice would be to stick to the important scientific achievements of Indians, particularly in the field of space and defense.
  • Nobel laureates and their achievements are also important for this exam.

Reports and indices in news

  • Every year, many important international organizations bring out reports on various subjects like poverty, unemployment, social issues, development, gender, etc.
  • Such reports and especially where India stands on these indices are crucial for this exam.

for example


Social welfare schemes of the government

  • Government schemes are very important as direct questions can be asked from them.
  • Out of the schemes, schemes that have a bearing on the social welfare of people, especially marginalised people of the country are especially important.
  • Aspirants can check the link for a list of government schemes for the UPSC.
    The above list will surely be beneficial for IAS aspirants in helping them prioritize their preparation. Apart from the above, a
  • few other significant topics are given below.
    • Places in news
    • Geographical indication tags (GI tags)
    • Major tribes in India and UP
    • UNESCO world heritage sites in India and UP
    • Majorities used in the Parliament
    • Ramsar sites in India and UP
    • Maps in Geography (rivers, mountain passes, etc.)
    • Freedom movement from 1930 – 47
    • Bhakti and Sufi movements
    • India and her neighbors

for example


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