How to ace the UPPSC Interview? Get all the tips here!!

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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

Hello Students,

In this article, We are sharing with you the tips and information on Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission(UPPSC) PCS Interview Stage. It is the third and last stage of the UPPCS Examination and it plays a major role in the candidates being successful or not. UPPSC PCS Aspirants must read this article carefully!!

How to ace the UPPSC PCS Interview?


UPPSC conducts the UPPCS Examination every year for various prestigious posts in the State Government Services. It is common knowledge that lakhs of students appear for the UPPSC Exam every year in the hope of getting their dream job.

But before you get to that dream, you must get through the three stages of Examination, which are:

  1. Preliminary Exam (Objective)
  2. Mains Exam (Subjective)
  3. Personal Interview

In this article, our focus will be on the last round, i.e., the Personal Interview. The interview round has been allotted 100 Marks and your score in this can be the difference between your Success and Failure.

This half-hour to the one-hour event will change the course of your life. So, it is very important to not take it lightly and be absolutely prepared for it. Here, we will try to convey effectively a few tips and information which you must take care of before you appear for the UPPSC PCS Interview round. 

1. Biodata

You must cover every aspect of your biodata, meaning you must be well versed with what you have written. Do not write anything in it that is not true. Do not try to fake anything, the Board members have much more experience than you, and their job is to study your personality. Unlike what many may tell you “Honest is indeed the best Policy”. 

2. Communication Skills

A candidate is expected to convey satisfactory information about the topics discussed in the interview in limited words. It must be your primary task in interview preparation to develop your communication skills to effectively convey your answer. Many candidates though have great knowledge but for the lack of confidence and communication skill fail to convey that knowledge.

3. Standard Questions

You must be prepared answers for standard questions like, why do you want to become a civil servant? In such questions, please refrain from answering in a cliched manner and come up with answers that are true to what you believe. 

4. Graduation Subjects and Optional

The board members are going to ask you questions about your educational background and previous jobs (if any). So must revise your Graduation subjects and must have a good command on your optional subjects before going to the Interview. If your graduation subject and optional are different, be prepared to answer questions like why you did not choose your Graduation Subjects as optional.

5. Hobbies and Other Informal Questions

It is another common area that candidates take lightly, but they should not. Your hobbies are an important part of your personality so be careful while giving an answer regarding hobbies. If you tell them a certain hobby, make sure you have been following up on it to the day of the interview.

For Example, if you state that you are interested in Cricket, then you must study recent tournaments, ICC Rankings of teams and players, and other important incidents that have been in the news recently.  

Apart from the Hobbies, other questions may come up from your place of birth and residence. Questions are often asked on the district a candidate belongs to. So, study your district properly and memorize various facts like, what is it famous for? Its Origin? Its role in History etc.

6. Answers

You must understand that the point of the interview is to judge your overall personality and not to just judge your academic knowledge, so the way you give your answers is just as important as giving the right answer. Remember:

  • If you do not know the answer, simply say that. Do not try to come up with a confusing answer which you are not sure about. 
  • You should come straight to the point and must give your answers in an optimistic light. 
  • You should remain calm and composed during the interview, Do Not display a wide variety of emotions on your face, don’t throw your hands around while answering the questions (You must remember it is not an acting audition!!).
  • Your answers should be well balanced, providing different aspects of the topic in question. It will convey your analytical abilities to the board.

7. Type of Questions?

It is often the enquiry of candidates before the interview that what type of questions will be asked in the Interview, Factual or Conceptual? UPPCS Interview consists of both types of questions, but it is surely more inclined towards Factual questions which can be asked from the Uttar Pradesh GK as well as General Studies subjects. So, you must be prepared for both types of questions with special attention to the facts recently in the news.

8. Mock Interview

Candidates must take mock interviews to prepare. Such Mocks will give you an idea of your weak areas and will help you become a bit comfortable with the idea of facing the interview. 

On the day of the Interview

Candidates must follow the following points on the day of the Interview:

  • Make sure you have taken a good 7-hour sleep the night before your interview. It is very important for your brain to remain active the next day. 
  • Make Sure you are dressed properly. You can wear formals (Suit or Shirt-Pants with shoes for Men and Suit or Saree for Women). Your clothes must be ironed, and your face should be well-groomed on the day of the Interview. 
  • You should not miss the breakfast as sometimes the wait inside the commission can be very long. The breakfast should be light and healthy. 
  • Read that day’s Newspaper. (Very Important, Board members often ask questions like if you have read today’s newspaper or any pertaining issue that is ongoing in the news.

Lastly, the Interview round is to assess your overall personality, you have made it to the interview, understand that and be Confident. Make use of Common Sense and be respectful and honest in your answers. Know the reason why you are going in, why you have decided to become a civil servant. Be Yourself and You will Sail through the Interview round easily.

All the Best for your UPPCS Interview.

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