UP Junior Aided Study Material 2021 (Free): 10-Day Study Plan (Daily Updated)

By Komal|Updated : October 14th, 2021

UP Junior Aided Study Material 2021: The UP Junior Aided exam is scheduled to be conducted on 17th October 2021.  In order to obtain above-average good scores and qualify the exam with 100+ scores candidate's required to have deep knowledge of the UP Junior Aided Syllabus & Exam Pattern 2021.

We are starting the 10 days study plan with the mock test for practice.  So fasten your seat belts and be ready for revision mode. We are here with the UP Junior Aided study material which is designed to give the maximum outcome and plan the study time effectively and efficiently.

The study material provided in the study plan is:

  1. Subject Wise Mini Mock
  2. Topic-wise Study Notes

The UP Junior Aided Study Plan 2021 is exclusively designed to facilitate candidates with the best of study material. All the study material will be updated daily. So make sure that you follow this study plan without fail. Bookmark this article for easy access.

10-Day UP Junior Aided Study Plan 2021 Exam (Daily Updated)

DayDateMini MockNotes
 1.   5 October 2021   Hindiअलंकार
Maths & ScienceNumber System-I
EnglishHow to Solve Reading Comprehension - Tips & Tricks
SSTNatural Resources
2.   6 October 2021   EnglishFunctions of English Language Teaching
Sanskritपद्यांश को हल करने के टिप्स और ट्रिक्स
Maths & ScienceLanguage and Community of Mathematics
SSTColonialism and Tribal Societies 
3.   7 October 2021    EnglishRules of Active & Passive Voice
 Hindiमुहावरें और लोकोक्तियाँ भाग-1
 Maths & ScienceBasic Formulas & Short Tricks on Algebra
 SSTColonialism and Tribal Societies 
4.   8 October 2021    English English Pedagogy Remedial Teaching
  Hindiभाषा शिक्षण के सूत्र और विधियाँ
  Maths & ScienceImportant Short Tricks on Time & Distance
  SSTFirst War of Independence
5.   9 October 2021     English Tips on Usage of Correct Articles
   Sanskritभाषा शिक्षण के सूत्र और विधियाँ
  Maths & ScienceHuman Excretory System
  SSTMethods of Science Teaching
6.   10 October 2021    English  Important Rules on Preposition and their Usage
   Hindi  शिक्षण परीक्षा के लिए गद्यांश पर हिंदी भाषा के स्टडी नोट्स
   Maths & Science Teaching material and aid
  SSTFood and Nutrition
7.   11 October 2021    English  Teaching-Learning Materials
    Hindiवाक्य सुधार पर स्टडी नोट्स
   Maths & Science Electric Current and Circuits
8.   12 October 2021    English  Function & Principle of English Language
   Hindi अधिगम और अर्जन
   Maths & Science Language and Community of Mathematics
   SST  Approaches to Presenting Concepts
9.   13 October 2021     English Learning & Acquisition 
   Hindi भाषा शिक्षण के सूत्र और विधियाँ  
Hindi Mega mock (सवाल जवाब प्रतियोगिता)
   Maths & Science Notes on Techniques of Mathematics Teaching 
   SST  Influence of Heredity & Environment
UP Junior 2021-Current Affairs Full Revision 01
10.   14 October 2021     English Antonyms and Synonyms 
    Hindi वर्तनी की त्रुटि
   Maths & Science  Basic Formulas & Short Tricks on Algebra
   SSTThings we can Make & Do  

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  •  The exam of UP Junior Teacher is scheduled to be conducted on 17th October 2021. 

  • Following subjects are part of UP Junior Teacher:-

    • General Knowledge
    • Reasoning
    • Current Affairs
    • Hindi
    • Sanskrit
    • English
    • Science
    • Mathematics
    • Social Studies

  •  There will two sections in the question paper.

    • The first paper will be 50 marks.
    • The second paper will be 100 marks
  • The level of questions asked in the UP Junior Exam 2021 - Moderate.

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