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Question 1

Who was the governor-general of India during the Indian Mutiny of 1857?

Question 2

On the basis of their origin, in how many types pollutants can be classified among the following?

Question 3

Between whom the 1st Battle of Panipat was fought?

Question 4

Which microorganism indicates contamination of river water?

Question 5

Whose reign is known as The Golden Age of the Mughal Empire?

Question 6

What does it mean among the following when the traffic signal is green in colour?

Question 7

Which one is the largest district in Uttar Pradesh by area wise?

Question 8

Tropical dry deciduous forest are found in which of the following districts?

Question 9

Portuguese established their 1st factory at

Question 10

In 1608, 1st British ship reached India. The name of the ship was-

Question 11

With which life insurance company Chhavni COVID: Yodha Sanrakshan Yojana is launched?

Question 12

Ganga Avalokam, the first museum on Ganga is located on which ghat?

Question 13

Who is appointed as New President of Film and Television Institute of India in September 2020?

Question 14

Read the instructions and answer the following question:

P # Q P is not smaller than Q.

P & Q P is neither greater than nor equal to Q.

P Q P is neither smaller than nor equal to Q.

P Q P is not smaller than or greater than Q.

P Q P is not greater than Q.

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Now in each of the following questions assuming the given statements to be true, find which of the conclusions given below them is/are definitely false and give your answer accordingly.


P Q, Q R, S R


I. P & R


Question 15

If the water image of the clock shows time 10 hours 49 minutes, then what will be the actual time?
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