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UP Junior Science and Math Mini Mock : 02

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Question 1

A family consists of 5 elders and some children, such that the average age of the family is 28 years. If the average age of the elders and the children is 42 years and 18 years respectively, how many children are there in the family?

Question 2

In a class there are 40 girls, and their average age is 16 years. One girl aged 17 years leave the school and another joins, and their average age becomes 15.95 years. What is the age of the new girl?

Question 3

What approximate value should come in the place of question mark (?) in the following question?

(11.82 × 14.78 + 23.98) ÷ 5.93 – 9.98 = ?

Question 4

The price of petrol was increased by 20 % but the consumption is decreased by more than 10 %. What is the effect on the expenditure?

Question 5

Sheetal rides a bike at an average speed of 40 kmph and reaches her destination in 5 hours. Amar covers the same distance in 4 hrs. If Sheetal increases her average speed by 10 kmph and Amar increases her average speed by 10 kmph, what would be the difference in their time taken to reach destination?

Question 6

Consider the following:

Assertion (A): Limestone is found in sedimentary rocks composed of calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate.

Reason (R): It is essential for smelting iron ore in blast furnace.

Question 7

Match the following:

Question 8

Consider the following:

Assertion (A): Different minerals occur at different locations

Reason (R): The earth crust was bonded from different galaxies

Question 9

Which of the following is an incorrect pair?

Question 10

Which of the following minister has inaugrated the IMD centre in Ladakh?

Question 11

Arya Rajendran was elected as the youngest mayor of –

Question 12

Who among the following received the scientist of the year award 2020?

Question 13

Direction: A detective is asked to solve a burglary crime. There are three suspects, Raju, Bittu, and Kalu. All of them give two statements. One of them is a truth-teller, who always tell the truth, one of them is a liar, who always tells the lie and one of them is an alternator who alternately tells truth and lie, i.e., if he tells truth in the first statement then second will be a lie and if he tells the lie in the first statement, the second will be the truth.

Raju says, “I am not the one who stole. Kalu did it.”

Bittu says, “I am the one who stole. Kalu didn’t do it.”

Kalu says, “I am not the one who stole it. Raju didn’t do it.”

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Which of the following is an alternator and the pattern of his truth(T) and lie(L) is?

Question 14

Insert the missing letter:

D, K, G, N, __, Q, M, T

Question 15

Three men Aman, Bhanu and Mohan gave these statements:
Aman said, either X Party or Y Party won the elections.
Bhanu said, X Party won.
Mohan said, neither X Party nor Y Party won the elections.
Of these persons, only one person is wrong.

Who won the elections?

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