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Question 1

One root of the equation  is  The other root is:

Question 2

Find the value of xx if 3x – 3x–1 = 18

Question 3

An unbiased dice is thrown. What is the probability of getting a number 1 or 5?

Question 4

Direction: The line graph given below represents the price of two items A and B from 2014 to 2018 in rupee. Study the graph and answer the question that follows:

What is the average price of A from 2014 to 2018?

Question 5

Calculate the median of the following data –

500, 675, 800, 900, 975, 281, 8000

Question 6

What is Isomerism?

Question 7

After fertilisation, the female parts of the flower develop into a:

Question 8

Consider the following statements:

i. Organisms which survive in the absence of oxygen are known as aerobic organisms.

ii. In the absence of oxygen organisms get energy through anaerobic respiration.

iii. Yeast is a type of aerobic organism.

Which of the above statements are correct?

Question 9

What is the atomic radius of the hydrogen atom?

Question 10

The concept of blood grouping was discovered by:

Question 11

Which of the following is a term for representing organisms which eats both plants and animals?

Question 12

Which country is set to build world’s largest wind power plant?

Question 13

The structural part of the Constitution of India is taken from-

Question 14

In these questions, relation between different element is shown in the statement. The statement is followed by three conclusions. Mark answer.


P ≤ Q, Q < R, R = S, S ≥ T


I. T ≤ R

II. P ≤ S

III. P < S

Question 15

Direction: Study the below paragraph and answer the following questions carefully.

While looking for a Physician, a man came across four people X, Y, Z, and W who belong to four different fields, i.e., Physician, Dentist, Ophthalmologist, Neurologist. All of them say two statements.

X says: I am the physician. Y is the Dentist.

Y says: I am the Dentist. Z is the Physician.

Z says: I am the ophthalmologist. W is the Dentist.

W says: I am not the Ophthalmologist. X is a Neurologist.

One of them is the truth-teller, one who always speaks the truth, one of them is a liar, one who always lies, and two of them are alternators, who speaks truth and lie alternately i.e., if their first statement is true, their other statement is a lie or if their first statement is a lie then their second statement is true. It is given that Y is the Neurologist.

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Which one of them is the Truth-teller?

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