The Patwari is known by Different Names in Different States. These include

By Shivank Goel|Updated : December 13th, 2022

The Patwari is known by different names in different states. These include Kanungo, Lekhpal, Karamchari, Village Officer, and Village Accountant. Depending on the state, a Patwari is known by various names. For instance, the name 'Patwari' is majorly used in North India and Central India, which is a government post. It is an ancient term as it has been used in India since the 18th century.

Different Names of a Patwari in Different States

As mentioned above, a Patwari is known by various names depending on the state he is posted in. In North and Central India, the term 'Patwari' is widely used. Apart from that, a Patwari is known by many other names, such as a Lekhpal, Karamchari, Kanungo, Village Officer, and Village Accountant.

Below are the functions and responsibilities performed by a Patwari.

  • A Patwari is a 'village officer' at the local level.
  • He is responsible for collecting land revenue from farmers in his area.
  • Another important responsibility of a Patwari is to maintain and update land records to provide information to the government related to the crops grown and other similar records.
  •  The work of the Patwaris is further supervised by the Tehsildars who solve disputes and ensure the records are kept properly and the land revenue is collected on time.

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FAQs on Other Names of Patwari

  • A Patwari is called by various names in different states, such as Kanungo, Lekhpal, Karamchari, Village Officer and Village Accountant.

  • A Patwari is a local village officer who has the duty of keeping land records in his area and collecting land revenues from the farmers. Patwaris are also responsible for providing information to the government regarding the types of crops grown in their area.

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