The Largest Ecosystem on the Earth Is

By Sakshi Yadav|Updated : August 4th, 2022
The largest ecosystem on the Earth is the Hydrosphere or aquatic ecosystem. It consists of rivers, lakes, oceans, and other wetlands. It is estimated that there are 332 cubic miles of water on Earth. This includes water in frozen form, oceans, lakes, streams, and groundwater. Saltwater accounts for 97.5% of that volume, while freshwater has only 2.5% 71% of the earth's surface, supporting more than 3 billion people. An ecosystem is a geographical area where plants, animals, other living things,work together to form a bubble of life.


The Largest Ecosystem on the Earth Is

The Largest Ecosystem on the Earth is Hydrosphere. The example of Hydrosphere is rivers, lakes, sea oceans and other wetlands.

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