What are Functions of Election Commission?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The functions of the Election Commission include preparing the voter list, issuing voter identity cards, planning the election schedule, determining the eligibility of candidates to contest election, and so on. It is an unique constitutional body that oversees and manages both national and state election processes.

Functions of Election Commission

The election commission is charged with various duties that are concerned with conducting fair elections in the country at the national and state levels. The independent functioning of the election commission has been mentioned in the Article 324 of the Constitution of India. The following are the main functions of the Election Commission:

  • It is in charge of monitoring the election process for the State assembly as well as the Vice-President and President of India.
  • Acknowledge political parties for national, regional, and state elections.
  • Issue symbols to the political parties that are participating in the election.
  • Establish and maintain the regional voter list and electoral rolls.
  • Set the highest amount that can be spent on campaigns for candidates in each political party.

Power of Election Commission

According to Article 324 of the Constitution, the election commission shall have power to supervise, direct, and control elections for the state legislatures, the president of India, and the vice-president of India.

  • According to Article 325, citizenship in India determines whether a person’s name is included or excluded from electoral rolls. There should be no racial, caste, religious, or sex-based exclusions from the electoral rolls 
  • The universal adult franchise is defined in Article 326 as the foundation for elections to all levels of elected government.
  • According to Article 327, the ECI and parliament are responsible for overseeing the functioning of national elections.
  • The role and duties of state legislatures with regard to state-level elections are outlined in Article 328.


What are the Functions of the Election Commission?

Creating voter lists, distributing voter identification cards, organizing election schedules, determining candidates’ eligibility to participate in the election, etc. are the functions of the election commission. Disputes involving the recognition of political parties and candidates are resolved by the Election Commission.

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