OPSC OAS Preparation Tips 2022: Best Strategy for Odisha PSC

OPSC OAS Preparation Tips 2022: Best Strategy for Odisha PSC

BySATISH KUMAR GUPTA  |  Updated on: Feb 14, 2022
OPSC OAS Preparation Tips 2022: The Odisha Civil Services Exam is conducted in three stages. For more detail, check the OPSC notification 2022 PDF, exam date, vacancies, apply online link, eligibility, syllabus, etc. below

OPSC OAS Preparation Tips 2022. OPSC exam is highly competitive. Students should start preparing in advance if they want to crack it with a good score. The exam has three stages and for each stage, candidates must prepare well.

Having preparation tips and strategies will certainly make this journey easier. Hence, our experts at Byju's Exam Prep have shared OPSC OAS Preparation Tips 2022 for candidates below.

OPSC OAS Exam Preparation Tips 2022

All candidates who want to get recruited as a government employee in the Odisha Civil Services can sit for Odisha Civil Services Exam 2022, provided they fulfil the eligibility criteria. 392 vacancies have been announced for both Group A and Group B under OPSC OAS exam. However, with high competition, the OPSC OAS exam may be tough to crack. At this point, smart and useful OPSC OAS preparation tips play a crucial role for candidates. Exam experts at BYJU'S Exam Prep have collated a list of the best OPSC preparation strategies given in the sections below to help you boost your preparation level and effortlessly crack the exam.

OPSC OAS Preparation Tips 2022: Experts Take

Some of the important tips and tricks for preparation of OPSC OAS 2022 exam have been mentioned below here. 

Time Management: One of the most important OPSC OAS preparation tips is time management. Allot at least 6 to 8 hours of study time for exam preparation. Allot time to all subjects. Allot more time subjects that you are weak in. make a study schedule well divided between learning, revision, and practising papers daily.

Practice previous year question papers: Practice previous year question papers, sample question papers, model test papers, and subject wise test series for at least 2 hours every day. This will ensure that you get accustomed to the exam pattern and the exam environment. This will also help you get rid of exam related fears.

Take Breaks: Taking breaks is as important as studying. While you need at least 6 to 8 hours of focused study time to crack this exam, you also need to take breaks to keep your mind relaxed and functioning to the best of its capabilities. After every hour of studying, take a 15-minute break and indulge in recreational activities that interest you. This will keep you motivated. 

Refer books: One of the Best OPSC civil services preparation tips is referring to good quality books for each subject authored by renowned subject matter experts. Refer to at least one or two books for each subject and ensure these books cover all the syllabus, question types and give you ample amount of practice. 

Strengthen Conceptual Foundation: build your conceptual foundation right by thoroughly reading all the basic NCERT Books. Clear all your doubts as and when you have them. 

Learn Shortcuts: Learning smart problem-solving shortcuts is one of the most excellent OPSC OAS  preparation tips.  For practical subjects learning smart solving techniques can save time and effort during the exam and help you increase your overall speed and efficiency.

Revise: Learning is great. Revising is greater. If you don't revise what you have learnt, it doesn't make sense to learn. Allot time every day to revise what you have studied the day before. Revise important formulas for practical subjects every day. Revise concepts that you tend to forget more often.

Cover Full Syllabus: Ensure you have covered all corners of the syllabus from all the subjects, no matter how significant or insignificant they are. 

Exam Pattern and Question Type Familiarity: Become highly well acquainted with the various exam pattern and types of possible questions that can be asked in the exam. 

Develop reading habit: Read a lot to increase your vocabulary and speed up your reading speed for language subjects. Also, read many current affairs magazines, newspapers and books to develop a good sense of General knowledge. Reading comprehensions for the language subjects will help improve your comprehension solving skills.  Make notes of new words and try to use them in conversations daily to enhance your vocabulary.

Work on Language: For all language subjects, practice grammar-based questions from good reference books, past year papers and sample papers. This will help you improve  your language structure, language usage skills

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OPSC Preparation Tips FAQs

  •  On BYJU'S Exam Prep's app and the website, you will find all Odisha OPSC Civil Services Exam 2022 related study material such as previous year question papers, PDFs of reference books, sample papers, subject-wise test series, NCERT Books and so on.

  • Make sure you study every subject daily. Ideally, spend 1 hour in learning and 1 hour in practice. You may also distribute your time as per your weak and strong subjects.

  • Some essential topics of reasoning for the OPSC OAS exam are:

    • Blood Relation
    • Mirror Images
    • Analogy
    • Statement and Arguments
    • Decision Making
    • Cubes and dice
    • Sequences and Series
  • Study all subjects simultaneously for the OPSC OAS exam 2022. However, give more time to subjects you are weaker in.

  • Yes, you can prepare OPSC OAS exam in 2 months only if you want to clear prelims. However, then you have to be very determined and disciplined. Your entire focus and attention should be on exam preparation.


  • Along with reading newspapers, you may take the help of various quizzes and general awareness apps available in the market. Go for the weekly or monthly edition of both national and international news and facts for the OPSC OAS exam 2022.

  • General Awareness can be tricky for some people as it covers a wide range of topics, making its syllabus quite big. You can allot 1 to 2 hours a day if you are good at it. If you find history, civics, or geography troublesome, then allot more time with regular tests for the Odisha civil services exam 2022.

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