Most Expected Questions For SIDBI Grade A Exam 2022, Download FREE PDF!

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Updated on: September 11th, 2023

Here we are with the most expected MCQ questions for the upcoming SIDBI Grade A 2022 exam. The SIDBI Grade A online 2022 exam is scheduled for the 16th of April. As students have almost completed their preparation, it is high time they practiced the most expected questions PDF.

To help you in your SIDBI Grade A online exam preparation smartly, we have been sharing the most important and expected questions in each section. In this post, we are sharing the most important questions on all the topics for the SIDBI Grade A 2022.

What is the Importance of the Most Expected Questions in the SIDBI Grade A Exam?

  • The SIDBI Grade A online exam consists of 160 questions with a total of 4 different sections. Make sure to go through the standard SIDBI Grade A books.
  • You will be able to access your level of preparation just before the final days of your exam.
  • This can provide you with an edge over other candidates and help you get a job in the SIDBI Grade A exam.
  • You can go through any important chapter or concept if required.
  • Go through the previous year’s SIDBI Grade A question paper to know the type and level of questions asked.

Some Questions of the PDF

Here we have provided some questions in the PDF. Kindly go through them before downloading the PDF for the SIDBI Grade A exam.

1. Statements:
No rings are barred.
Only a few calls are barred.
Only a few barred are missed.
I. All calls being missed is a possibility.
II. Some missed are not calls.
A. If only conclusion I follow.
B. If only conclusion II follows.
C. If either conclusion I or II follows.
D. If neither conclusion I nor II follows.
E. If both conclusions I and II follow.

2. What should come in place of the question mark (‘?’) in the following number series?
50. 9.5, 47.5, 213.75, ?, 2992.5, 8977.5, 22443.75
A. 855
B. 755
C. 852
D. 853
E. 854

3. Black Panther was one of the (1)/ most-awaited Marvel movies and during (2)/ its theatrical run, it
became the (3)/ largest grossing solo superhero film. (4)
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
E. No error

4. Recently, RBI has set up the ink manufacturing unit of BRBNMPL named ‘Varnika’ in which city?
A. Kochi
B. Mysuru
C. Dewas
D. Nagpur
E. Mumbai

Download Most Expected Questions PDF for SIDBI Grade A Exam

You can download the PDF by clicking the direct link provided below and attempting all the questions with a timer to know your exact level of preparation. Go through the SIDBI Grade A  syllabus to understand the syllabus properly before attempting the questions in this PDF.

Most Expected Questions for SIDBI Grade A Exam 2022, Download PDF!

You are suggested to download the SIDBI Grade A most expected questions from the above link and solve them to know your actual level of preparation. Go through the solution carefully and plan your preparation accordingly for the upcoming SIDBI Grade-A Exam 2022.

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