NIACL Assistant Prelims Exam Analysis 2018 & Review: 8th Sep - Slot 1

By Astha Shukla|Updated : September 8th, 2018

Check NIACL Assistant exam analysis 2018 here. NIACL Assistant Prelims Exam was scheduled to be held on 8th September in four shifts. The first shift of NIACL Assistant Prelims is already over and now we are here with detailed exam analysis to keep you all abreast of the latest exam trend, variations as compared to last year, the difficulty level of the exam, topics asked, as well as good attempts to sail through the exam.

Key Highlights of NIACL Assistant Preliminary Exam 2018

  • Level of the exam: The Overall level of the exam was Moderate. The paper was quite balanced as almost all the topics from syllabus were covered in each section.
  • Variations as compared to last year: The level was at par with last year. There were no major changes introduced this year. 
  • Section-wise Review :
  • English Language: This section was the easiest of all three sections. There were no new pattern questions in this. A story based RC was asked.
  • Numerical Ability: The level of this section was Moderate. No surprises were introduced. There were 5 questions from Arithmetic topics.
  • Reasoning Ability: The level of this section was easy. Questions were not tricky. All the topics of an assistant level examination were asked in this section.

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Now let's go through section wise detailed analysis for NIACL Assistant Prelims Exam 2018 for the first slot -

NIACL Assistant Prelims Analysis of Numerical Ability Section

Topics Asked:

Here is the topic-wise breakup of the questions asked in the Numerical Ability section of NIACL Assistant Prelims Exam 2018 -


Topic- details :

1. Number Series

  • Level of Questions: Moderate
  • Missing Number series were Asked.
  • Questions were based square pattern, cube pattern, double square pattern
  • Following number series were asked : 


  1. 4 8 24 96 ? 2880
  2. 54 58 49 65 ? 76
  3. 6 5 7 12.5 ? 69.5
  4. 13 19 31 55 103 ?
  5. 18 48 73 94 112 ?

2. Data Interpretation

  • Level of Questions: Moderate
  • A Bar-graph DI was asked.
  • In this three years 2007,2008 and data of marks for two students A and B were provided.
  • The questions were slightly calculative but not very time taking.

3. Simplification/Approximation 

  • Level of Questions: Easy
  • The questions were easy based on BODMAS rule.

4. Quadratic Equation

  • Level of Questions: Easy
  • Questions were of basic level, mostly factorization based, and easy to attempt.

5. Data Sufficiency

  • Level of Questions: Easy
  • Questions were based on different topics of Numerical Ability.

 5. Miscellaneous Problems

  • Level of Questions: Moderate
  • This section comprised of questions from topics such as Age-based questions, Percentages, Profit & Loss, Time and Work, Probability, Partnership, Time, Speed & Distance etc.

Reasoning Ability Section Review of NIACL Assistant Prelims Exam

Topics Asked

Below shared topics were asked in Reasoning Ability Section of NIACL Assistant Prelims Exam analysis.


Topic Details 

1. Puzzles & Seating Arrangement

  • Level of questions: Moderate
  • Two sets of seating arrangements were asked which are mentioned as below :
  • Following sets of puzzles were asked:
    (a) Circular puzzle, with all the people facing the center. 8 persons needed to be arranged. 
    (b) Linear puzzle, with people sitting in 2 rows, some facing north and some facing south. 7 persons needed to be arranged. 

2. Syllogism

  • Level: Easy-Moderate
  • Questions were possibility based. 3 out of 5 were easily doable. 

3. Inequality

  • Level: Easy
  • Direct inequality based questions were asked.

4. Alphanumeric Series

  • Level: Easy to Moderate
  • Questions were easily doable

5. Alphabet Series

  • Level: Easy to Moderate
  • Questions were easily doable

6. Blood Relation :

  • Level: Easy to Moderate
  • Questions were easily doable

7. Miscellaneous Questions

  • Level: Easy to Moderate
  • Questions from codin-decoding and numbers were asked.

NIACL Assistant Exam Analysis of English Language Section

Topics Asked

Check below the topics asked in English Langauge Section with number of questions :


Topic Details 

1. Reading Comprehension 

  • Level: Easy
  • 5 Questions were asked.
  • An story based RC was asked which was based on a story of saint, thief and demon.
  • 2 vocabulary based questions were asked. All the questions were doable and directly inferred from passage.

2. Fillers

  • Level: Easy
  • 6 questions were asked which were based on single fillers. A sentence was given with one blank in it.
  • Students were required to choose the correct option to fill the blank appropriately.
  • Questions were very easy.

3. Spotting error

  • Level: Moderate
  • 5 questions of old pattern error spotting were asked in which students need to identify the part of a sentence with an error.

4. Parajumble

  • Level: Moderate
  • Question was slightly tricky.
  • Sentences in unarranged order were given.
  • Students were required to arrange it in a proper order to form a coherent paragraph.

5. Wrongly Spelt Words

  • Level: Easy
  • A sentence was given in which some words were bold. Students were required to identify the wrongly Spelt Word.

NIACL Assistant Prelims 2018: Number of Good Attempts

SectionGood Attempts
Numerical Ability22-26
Reasoning Ability27-32
English Language21-25
Overall 73+

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