WB SET Syllabus 2023: Paper 1 and 2, Download PDF

WB SET Syllabus 2023: Paper 1 and 2, Download PDF

ByNikhil Verma  |  Updated on: Apr 11, 2023
WB SET Syllabus 2023 is highlighted for both Paper 1 and Paper 2. Candidates can refer to the syllabus PDF to fast track their preparation for the exam. Check the latest WB SET Syllabus prescribed by the Commission here.

WB SET Syllabus 2023 was recently revised by the West Bengal College Service Commission. The commission has released the revised syllabus PDF for each subject on the official portal. Check the important topics included in Paper 1 and Paper 2 of the West Bengal SET exam. Candidates preparing for the exam should note the important topics listed in the WB SET syllabus to make their preparation easier.

According to the exam pattern, candidates will have to attempt two papers titled Papers 1 and 2. Paper 1 is general, which means this is mandatory for every applicant. At the same time, candidates can choose the subject of Paper 2 from 33 subjects. The syllabus will be different for every subject of Paper 2. It is advised that applicants download and go through the WB SET syllabus PDF to aid their preparation.

WB SET Syllabus 2023

Knowing the detailed WB SET exam syllabus is of utmost importance. The exam is conducted in offline mode, and the questions are multiple-choice questions. Paper 1 is common for all candidates and consists of questions related to teaching and research aptitude, reasoning ability, comprehension, divergent thinking, and general awareness. On the other hand, Paper 2 consists of questions based on the subject chosen by the candidate. The syllabus for Paper 2 is based on the undergraduate and postgraduate curricula of the respective subjects. You can find a detailed breakdown of the syllabus for Paper 1 and the PDFs for Paper 2 of the WB SET Syllabus in the below sections.

WB SET Exam Syllabus PDF

Candidates must download the WB SET syllabus PDF because it contains detailed information about the exam syllabus and topics covered in the exam. By downloading the syllabus PDF, candidates can plan their preparation strategy according to the topics and subtopics covered in the exam. They can prioritize the topics based on their strengths and weaknesses and allocate sufficient time for each topic. WB SET Syllabus Paper 1 PDF is now available with one click. Candidates can save it on their devices to prepare efficiently and cover essential topics in time.

> Download WB SET Syllabus Paper 1 PDF

WB SET Syllabus 2023 Paper 1

Questions of WB SET Paper 1 will test the teaching and research ability of the candidate. Also, they should understand the learning process, research aptitude, communication, etc. All the essential topics of WB SET exam syllabus paper 1 are mentioned in the following table.

Important Topics of WB SET Syllabus

Teaching Aptitude Teaching, Learner’s characteristics, Factors that affect teaching, Methods of Teaching in Institutions of higher learning, Teaching support system, and Evaluation systems.
Research AptitudeResearch: meaning, types, and characteristics, Methods of research, Steps of research, Thesis and Article writing, Application of ICT in research, Research ethics
ComprehensionA passage of text is given. Questions are asked from the passage to be answered.
CommunicationCommunication, Effective communication, Barriers to effective communication, Mass-Media, and Society
Mathematical Reasoning and AptitudeTypes of reasoning, Number series, Letter series, Codes, and Relationships, Mathematical Aptitude (Fraction, Time & Distance, Ratio, Proportion and Percentage, Profit and Loss, Interest and Discounting, Averages, etc.)
Logical ReasoningUnderstanding the structure of arguments, Evaluating and distinguishing deductive and inductive reasoning Analogies. Venn diagram Indian Logic, Pramanas, Structure, Anumana (inference), Vyapti (invariable relation), Hetvabhasa.
Data InterpretationSources, acquisition, and classification of Data, Quantitative and Qualitative Data, Graphical representation, Data Interpretation, Data, and Governance
Information and Communication Technology (ICT)ICT: General abbreviations and terminology, Basics of the Internet, Intranet, E-mail, Audio, and Video-conferencing, Digital initiatives in higher education, ICT and Governance
People, Development and EnvironmentDevelopment and Environment, Human and environment interaction, Environmental issues, Impacts of pollutants on human health, Natural and energy resources, Natural hazards, and disasters, Environmental Protection Act (1986), National Action Plan on Climate Change, etc.

How To Prepare WB SET Syllabus?

To cover the WB SET Syllabus easily, applicants must follow a strict preparation strategy and choose the right books to cover the topics. It is always advised that to prepare for any exam, study the syllabus first. Similarly, this statement works here while following the WB SET Preparation tips.

  • Shortlist your strong and weak points.
  • Spend more time on your weak points and try to finish them first.
  • Choose only good-reviewed WB SET books so that you don't have to worry about the authenticity of the information in those books.
  • Practice with mock tests and WB SET previous year question papers regularly.
  • Revise the topics you have covered so that you don't forget them easily.

Best Books To Prepare the WB SET Syllabus

There are a number of books available in the market that can help candidates prepare for the WB SET exam. Referring to the best books is important for WB SET preparation as they can provide candidates with comprehensive coverage of the syllabus, important topics, and sample questions for practice. Expert-recommended books can also provide a structured approach to study and help candidates understand complex concepts in a clear and concise manner.

Subjects / Topics

WB SET Books (Authors / Publications)

General Studies

General Knowledge (Lucent) and General Knowledge (Arihant)

Language and Reasoning

High School English Grammar and Composition Key (Wren & Martin) and Objective General English (SP Bakshi)

Current Affairs

Daily Newspapers (The Hindu, The Indian Express) and Manorama Year Book

Foundation of Education and Communication

Foundations of Education (A. Chaube and S. P. Chaube), Foundations of Education (Jason C. Robinson)

WBSET Syllabus FAQs

  • The WB SET syllabus 2023 covers two papers that are Papers 1 and 2. Paper 1 has some general topics that remain the same for every candidate. However, Paper 2 has 33 subjects, including English, Chemical Science, Mass Communication And Journalism, etc. The paper-2 subject will be similar to Post graduation subject of the candidate.

  • No change was made in the WB SET syllabus for this year, and it has been the same for every subject for the past few years. A few changes are made by the WBCSC from time to time and we update them on the page. Hence, candidates can bookmark this page to learn about any new updates in the WB SET Syllabus and paper pattern.

  • The most important topics covered in the WB SET Paper 1 syllabus are research and technical aptitude, communication, and comprehension, Mathematical Reasoning, Data Interpretation, etc. Candidates should go through the detailed WB SET Syllabus for Paper 1 on this page.

  • To cover WB SET Syllabus, candidates should have a proper strategy and follow the below-pointed tips.

    • Analyze the syllabus and select your weak & strong points in both papers
    • Choose an authentic study material source or recommended WB SET books.
    • Give proper time to each paper and attend mock tests to measure your calibre.
    • Download previous year's WB SET question papers from the official website of WBCSC to practice.
  • The WB SET syllabus is available online on the website of the West Bengal College Service Commission. Also, applicants can download the syllabus PDF of their subject just by clicking above in the Paper 2 section. It helps them to plan their preparation strategy, stay organized, and ensure that they cover all the important topics and subtopics mentioned in the syllabus.

  • Reporting and editing, basic introduction to Mass communication and journalism, etc., are key topics under WB SET Syllabus for Mass Communication and Journalism subject. Most topics will be covered if you study with a Mass Communication book by Keval J. Kumar or Trueman’s UGC NET Mass Communication & Journalism by Sameer K. Mishra.

  • Candidates who have knowledge of the Hindi Language and its history, including its evolution from time to time, grammar, essay writing, and poets, can easily cover WB SET Syllabus for Hindi. Also, they should have completed info about the poets and their stories, as most of the questions will be from that part.

  • The subjects for Paper 1 of WB SET syllabus include - teaching aptitude, research aptitude, reading comprehension, communication, reasoning, logical reasoning, data interpretation, information and communication technology, people and environment, and higher education system. For Paper 2, candidates can choose from a list of 33 subjects as per their expertise.