Kerala SET Preparation Tips and Strategy 2021

Kerala SET Preparation Tips and Strategy 2021

ByNikhil Verma  |  Updated on: May 19, 2021Check out details about Kerala SET Exam 2021 below such as LBS Kerala SET 2021 exam admit card details, notification, exam date, application form link, syllabus, pattern, eligibility criteria, selection process, etc.
Check out details about Kerala SET Exam 2021 below such as LBS Kerala SET 2021 exam admit card details, notification, exam date, application form link, syllabus, pattern, eligibility criteria, selection process, etc.
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How to prepare for Kerala SET Exam 2021?

Kerala SET is a significant exam for the candidates who need to wants to pursue a profession as an educator in a higher secondary school in the state of Kerala. The Kerala SET Exam will be conducted by LBS Centre for Science & Technology. To begin with the exam preparation, you must be well versed in the exam pattern and the syllabus. 

After analysing the syllabus and pattern, determine the topics you can easily complete & the sections you will find difficult. Mix them up and prepare a preparation plan.

In this manner, to crack the test, applicants should make a study plan and get ready for the exam. Follow the tips and suggestions to pace up your preparation and qualify the exam.

Tips and Tricks to Prepare for Kerala SET 2021

Students can follow certain tips and tricks to prepare for Kerala SET 2021 :

  • It is very important for students to have a study plan and they try to stick to it. Divide your syllabus as per your difficulty level. Prepare for the difficult one before because they tend to take more time.  
  • Make sure you are thorough with your self-evaluation so that you can allocate your time effectively. 
  • Realizing only the subjects isn't sufficient. Look for different kinds of questions asked throughout the years. This will give you a smart thought of points that should be given more significance.
  • Always remember, while studying keep making short or bullet notes side by side. This helps you memorise everything you are studying and you can also have a quick revision at the end of every topic just a day before the exam. 
  • While completing your course, you have to preserve all that you have already prepared. So for that, keep revising the topics you complete. You can set a day aside per week for revision.
  • This is valid for any test, all things considered. Rehearsing Kerala SET past years' papers assists you with finding out about what has been the examination’s nature, type of questions asked etc. It also shows the measure of time you need to commit to every subject on the test day.

Download Kerala SET Previous Year Question

  • Once you are familiar with the course content just like the test pattern; the time has come to test where you stand. Take mock tests as much as you can as it will prepare you for the actual exam pattern and you will be able to assess your preparation performance too.
  • Avoid learning any new topic a few days before the exam. This will only make you more confused about the topic, leading to an incorrect answer.

Tips to Create a Kerala SET Study Plan

The students may follow the given guidelines to create an effective study plan for Kerala SET 2021 exam.

  • Know your Strong and weak aspects 

Know what suits you best, daytime or nighttime? understand your concentration levels and work on it slowly and steadily. Understand your weak areas and work on them and know your strong ones so you can use them for your preparations.

  • Analyse the Syllabus

Instead of studying from the word go, take some time to understand the Kerala SET 2021 syllabus. Understanding what the topics that are expected to be covered in paper 1 are and why helps make a much better strategy to prepare for the examination. point out your weak topics and the topics which you know and understand well.

You can prepare for the strong ones easily so now you know where you have to give your maximum time and efforts. Check Kerala  SET Syllabus

  •  Know the exam pattern

Knowing just the topics is not enough. Analyse the pattern of the questions and the relative weightage of the topics in the UGC NET previous years’ papers. This will give you a good idea of topics that need to be given more importance. Check Kerala SET Exam Pattern 2021

  • Set weekly and monthly goals

If you are struggling to study on a daily basis and your study hours are inconsistent, there’s no need to panic. So, stop panicking and start scheduling. Have a good study timetable. It should be apt, consistent and with appropriate breaks to boost up your productivity. Sit and think about what all you have to cover for your SET examinations, plan accordingly. When it comes to Kerala SET,  you will need a very structured timetable. 

Divide everything into two parts. For paper 1 and paper 2, then divide the whole syllabus into small sections. Set up weekly and monthly goals. Try to stick with it as much as possible.

  • Evaluate yourself 

Now when you have your daily schedule, the next step is to follow it,  adhere to it. Try to follow your timetable as much as you can. You will now have to evaluate yourself after completing every small task. Look at the weekly goal and evaluate the progress. In case you could not complete the goal, do not worry, It's okay. You can do it next week. Just remember to assess the mistakes, why couldn’t do the task. Find out what that specific point is and work on it. You’ll be back on track in no time. So keep a close eye on your performance. Take a small step at a time, there’s no need to rush or you won’t be able to achieve anything. 

  • Relax your mind 

Do not take extra stress. It will just diminish your productivity. Try to relax your mind. Avoid using social media platforms for a while as they just pile up the stress by showing you irrelevant news and spreading negativity. 

Take an hour of your time and do whatever you like to do, play music, watch something motivational or light-hearted, sit with your family, talk to your friends, anything which makes you feel light and relaxed. This can help you take off the edge. Another important thing for your concentration is sound sleep. Do have a proper sleeping schedule as it helps your mind to function properly. 

 Hope you all the above point will be helpful. Good luck for your preparations!

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